Dean’s Debrief: Shape, confidence and Conor Hourihane

December 14, 2019 4:16 am

The manager had this to say after Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to Sheffield United:


On shape…

“To be honest I don’t think it was a decent first half. Defensively, we were ok. But we never managed the ball well enough. For me, that is something we should be doing with the players we have got. First half, we frustrated them. We knew they would come flying out of the traps, and we wanted to make sure we were not as open as we were against Leicester.


On how the game was lost…

“We probably wanted more of the same defensively (in the second half), but a bit more on the ball. I never thought we worked hard enough without it. It was a game of few chances. Tom Heaton’s not made a save all game. It was a game that was littered with fouls and free-kicks. They deserved to win the game because they were more enterprising in our half than we were in theirs.


On the mood in the dressing room…

“They’re disappointed because we’ve lost another game. Football changes very quickly, and we’ve got a quarter-final against Liverpool on Tuesday. It looks like it’s going to be a very youthful Liverpool side. Three games ago, we’re being lauded off the pitch at Old Trafford. What’s disappointed me is how we’ve managed the ball today against a team who can get in your face.”

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On Conor Hourihane…

“He was struggling in training. He should be ok for Tuesday.”