Dann reaction: There are no excuses

November 24, 2020 10:39 pm

Scott Dann pin-pointed his side’s sub-par first-half performance for the loss at Burnley tonight.

Speaking to Palace TV shortly after the match, he said: “It’s definitely a tough one to take. You know what to expect when you’re coming here. The first-half wasn’t good enough from our part. We were slow – they went ahead and they were the better team in the first half. There are no excuses, we knew what they were going to come out like – having not won this season.

“We didn’t get our game plan away in the first half – which was to get the ball down and play. When we did in the second half, we created chances and we looked dangerous but couldn’t get the breakthrough, and ended up paying for the first half performance.

“We are bitterly disappointed on the back of the last performance, we were coming here full of confidence, but that’s the way this league goes. We have to take the defeat tonight, it’s hurt. But we have a few days to pick ourselves up to go again to put in a good performance at home to get the three points [against Newcastle United on Friday].”

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