Check out the best Palace Club Shop fashion at 20% off

November 27, 2020 12:45 am

Gone are football’s days of moustachioed, perm-sporting blokes in hot pants.

That may still be your style, but thankfully today the sport has moved on to more dapper-looking stars, and that fashion has spread off the pitch as well.

With Palace one of England’s sharper sides – think Michy Batshuayi heading to training for Belgium – the Club Shop reflects the need for decent clothing on the terraces and streets, and for a limited time only you can get it all at 20% off.

But a football club’s contemporary offerings are rarely the first place fashion-conscious fans look for inspiration; after all, baggy Diadora tracksuits and general noughties trends have fixed a certain stigma to footballing clobber.

Well, prepared to be surprised.

The Palace Club Shop has reduced-price kit for even the trimmest fan. From suave tops to smart jackets and the best retro shirts to sharp caps (flat, snap and standard), there’s something to catch every eye.

So, check out the best in Palace fashion in the above gallery and then browse what we’ve got here for 20% off!

Christmas delivery dates


United Kingdom Thursday 17th December, 6pm
Rest of the world Monday 23rd November